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We hope that you can join us on Sunday, February 1
Everybody Matters


Sherry Stewart


With video music presented by Sherry Stewart
and piano accompaniment by Judy Middleton 

Service times:  9:30am and 11:30am

 Fall Religious Education Programming

9:30 Service:
Spirit Play (preK-K) Room 7
Explorers I (1st-3rd grade) Room 3
Explorers II (4th-6th grade) Room 10
Building Bridges (7th-12th grade) Teen Room

Between Services:  Adult Forum will be held in the Garden Room between services, approximately 10:35 -11:25.

 11:30 Service:
Spirit Play (preK-K) Room 7
Explorers I (1st-3rd grade) Room 3
Explorers II (4th-6th grade) Room 10
YRUU (senior high youth group, 9th-12th grade) Teen Room

Childcare is available for younger children during and between services, and the family room will be open to parents and guardians who would like to continue to listen to the service while tending to their children’s needs
Hearing assistance equipment available at the Membership table.


Are you connected?

Introducing The Wider Circle newsletter!

There is so much happening at Northwoods in religious education, especially in the area of children’s, youth and family ministry, that, to better communicate directly with families about programs geared toward children and youth, and in order to keep the Beacon Bits from being a mile long, Sarah has put together a weekly newsletter called the Wider Circle. (The title comes from a favorite Children’s Chapel song, “Draw the Circle Wide.”)

This is designed to be a resource for families to deepen the monthly theme, learn about what’s happening in weekly classes, and also stay on top of upcoming events and Sunday plans. If you are not currently receiving this communication tool and would like to, please contact Sarah ([email protected]) directly to be added.



Millbend Coffeehouse News

Millbend Coffeehouse Presents
Willis Alan Ramsey
February 14th ~ 7:30pm

43 years ago Willis released a self-titled album that drew much acclaim, and virtually all of the songs were covered by major artists. Then he went silent. No follow-up album, no tours or performances – only perpetual rumors of the 2nd album being ‘in the works’ and ‘near release’. We were lucky enough to host one of his rare performances in 2003, where he wowed our sold-out audience with his lyrical and instrumental mastery. The follow-up ‘album’ (now a CD) is nearing reality. Several of the songs have already been released by other artists (Lyle Lovett and Eric Clapton), and will be featured in this concert, along with the songs from the original album that created the Legend of WAR. This show will probably sell out early, so plan ahead and purchase your tickets in advance. Willis’ lovely wife Allison will open the concert with some of her own original music, and she will join Willis later to provide harmonies on some songs. Don’t let this rare opportunity to see a living legend up-close and personal in our intimate setting pass you by!

For information or tickets to see Willis Alan Ramsey, call Teresa Allen at 281-350-3052.  Advance reservations are preferred.