Arts in Action

Join us on Saturday evening, August 19, for Northwoods annual Arts in Action event. What is Arts in Action? Art Dash Artists from Northwoods and the surrounding community will donate at least 50 works of art valued at $50 or more. Tickets for the Art Dash are sold for $35. When your ticket number is […]

Upcoming Services

Join us this Sunday, July 2, 2017 A Name, A Difference The Service of the Living Tradition is a very long, 2 hour worship service at the UUA General Assembly. I’ve edited out the processional of ministers and some other elements so it’s just slightly over one hour, 67 minutes. It generally has the best […]

Events for Guests

Pathways to Membership Class Have you been considering membership at Northwoods? Our Pathways class is an excellent introduction to Unitarian Universalism and our church, and is a prerequisite for signing the book. We are hosting a Pathways to Membership class on Sunday, May 7. The class will start soon after the Sunday service, at 11:45 […]