Dream Scholarship Program

Northwoods Dream Scholarship
We’re making a difference in young lives.

Jacquelle is taking a very heavy academic load this semester with 2 science courses and is working part-time. She wants to take an anatomy refresher course this summer and begin her nursing courses in the fall– a very ambitious plan. She won a Lonestar scholarship last year so we have not had to financially contribute to her education yet.

Orion is finishing his one year scholarship and is working a new job while taking 2 courses– art and government.

Jazlynn (finishing her 1 year scholarship) and her brother joined Teresa Allen at the Museum of Natural Science over spring break & had a delightful time. She skillfully worked around her work schedule to finish a major paper due last Wednesday and is taking a astronomy/physics course which started late. She contemplates studying law or other options, so I hope that she keeps in touch.

Vanessa has her shoulder to the wheel and is patiently progressing toward her dream of a nursing degree. Her PELL grant covers all expenses currently. Our Dream Scholarship will help her when she needs it in her Junior and Senior years after she leaves community college.

If you have questions or would like to contribute to the NUUC Dream Scholarship Program, contact Teresa Allen 281-350-3052.