Religious Education

Religions are made unique through their differentiated sources of authority and resulting grounds for what is believed to be the truth.

For Unitarian Universalists, there are many sources of truth and inspiration, but each person’s ultimate guide is their individual experience tested in relationship with others and the universe. Therefore we believe not what we are told to believe, nor what we wish to believe, but what we are compelled by conscience to believe.

Northwoods’ religious education (RE) programs for all ages reflect the importance that Unitarian Universalism places on the personal spiritual journey through learning.  Here are a few key principles to how we approach the work of faith development:

  • Faith development is all we do. There is nothing that we do here that is not part of our collective spiritual journey. Faith development is the dimension of depth that makes Northwoods more than just a community—it makes it a church. Religious education fosters a sense of being part of something greater than the self.

  • We are all still learning—and no one has reached the end of that process. At Northwoods, that is something we celebrate! Liberal religion offers many ways to encounter the universe and ourselves; the goal of faith development is to integrate our experience with our beliefs as we mature together.

  • We learn by being together. Much of our program happens in the classroom, but the world is the biggest classroom of all! We teach by how we treat each other, how we approach diversity of belief, and how we serve our congregation. It is a special privilege of some Northwoods members to teach children, youth and adults in a classroom setting, but make no mistake: we are all teachers here as well as learners.

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Kay McAlister, Religious Education Coordinator

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