Notes from Rev. Sarah on Northwoods in Transition

  • My priorities this week are making plans for our online worship services with the Worship Arts Team, creating connection opportunities online, and communicating with different team, program and committee leaders about how they see their work transforming. (Leaders, you don’t have to wait to hear from me; if you have thoughts about your ministries or groups, I’d love to hear them!) Shared ministry will look different in this moment too, but it is part of who we are and always will be. Some things haven’t changed that much.
  • Jamie, Gay Lynn and I are transitioning to working primarily from home. We can be reached by email, and you can reach me on my cell at (713) 398-4782. (Text is great!) Please be mindful that we too are striving to build a new work-life balance and may not always respond right away. (Please also forgive me as I work on a backlog of email that didn’t get tended to last week.)
  • Connect on Facebook! Please follow our public page, where we will be listing available online events. Northwoods members: If you are on Facebook, please join the members’ Facebook group, where we’ll be posting announcements and information as well as sharing more personal reflections, conversation and support.
  • Now is the time to check in on each other and build habits of care. If you are in need of support, please email me or Lay Ministry lead Cyndie Mahaney ([email protected]) If you would like to help with the work of Lay Ministry, supporting those in our community who need our assistance, Cyndie and the Lay Ministry team could use some extra support right now as well!
  • While we hope that everyone at Northwoods will stay well, please let me know if you have any big change to your health situation, particularly if you think you may test positive for COVID-19. I worry about you all! Please take whatever precautions you think necessary, and I hope it goes without saying, this also means making sure medications are stocked and treatments planned for all of your health needs. “Wash your hands” is the new “I love you.”
  • During online worship, we take a digital offering using text and online donations, but this is also a great time to set up recurring donations to Northwoods. You can do that easily here on our website. If you run into difficulties, please email Jamie Thompson at [email protected] for assistance. Thank you for your continued support.


In faith,


Rev. Sarah