2019 Service Auction

Introducing the 2019 Service Auction Catalog! Click here to access the catalog and start planning your 2019/2020 social calendar.

Deep in the Heart of Northwoods
Service Auction Event
Date: Saturday, November 2, 2019
Howdy Partner! Our biggest fundraiser of the year is coming up – The Northwoods Service Auction! The Western theme lends itself well to shadowy costumes, fantastic food, and delightful decorations.  Yall come see us at the Service Auction table between services each Sunday until October 27th to complete your service auction contracts, ask questions, and get excited about the wonderful event that is coming our way so very soon!  We are happy to provide you with all the information you might need (including ideas for Service Auction contracts) when you stop by or check out the FAQ.
We look forward to seeing all of you at this fun-filled, important community-building event! Childcare is provided, so come out on the 2nd of November and have a great time supporting your church.


WHAT IS SERVICE AUCTION? Service Auction is, after the pledge drive, the largest fundraising event for Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Church. But just as importantly, it is a FUN-raiser. The events sold at Service Auction form the social hub of Northwoods.

WHO IS INVITED TO SERVICE AUCTION? Everyone is invited – there is NO CHARGE for attending. And childcare is provided.

WHO DONATES THE ITEMS IN SERVICE AUCTION? Nearly all items/services sold at Service Auction are donated by Northwoods members and friends. (Some of our local vendors contribute too.)

WHAT ITEMS ARE SOLD IN SERVICE AUCTION? The items sold in Service Auction generally fall into 4 categories, and the emphasis is on SERVICE.
a. SIGN-UPS – Sign-ups are events hosted by Northwoods folks, sold at a set price per attendee. These
events may be parties, classes, contests or services.
b. LIVE AUCTION – Approximately 30 items or services are sold to the highest bidder in the live auction, held throughout the evening. Items may range from use of a vacation home to window washing to custom song writing.
c. SILENT AUCTION – Donated goods or services may be sold by silent auction rather than live auction at the discretion of the Service Auction Committee. Any such items will be displayed on the night of Service Auction with accompanying bid sheets. The highest bid at closing time wins the item/service.
d. RAFFLE ITEMS – A wide variety of goodies will come with raffle bags, ready for you to drop your raffle tickets – both earned and purchased – into. Choose your prizes and cross your fingers!

WHAT IF I DON’T PLAN TO BUY ANYTHING AT SERVICE AUCTION? You are encouraged to attend even if you don’t plan on buying anything. There is a potluck dinner, fun with friends, and entertainment (it’s always entertaining to observe Northwoods folks in costumes)! And volunteers at the event are always needed.


Not sure what to donate, or what kind of service to offer?
Check out this list or stop by the table for more ideas:
Parties: Murder Mysteries, Games (Card games, Scrabble, Mah-Jong, Cranium) Casino Night, Spa Day, Ethnic Dinners (Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Greek), Holiday (Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Events (Oscars, Emmys, Indianapolis 500, Renaissance Festival, Final 4, World Series), Talent shows (Karaoke, Dancing with the Stars, Magic, Variety),  TV based ()
Services: Sitting (house, pet, kids, moms & dads), handyperson work, organizing, legal, tax, bookkeeping, tutoring, bar tending, waitperson, palm reading, tarot card reading, landscaping, cleaning, decorating, window washing, airport rides, meal delivery, photography, computer, painting, lessons (foreign language, art, computer, how to use my new device, photography, cake decorating)
Special Interests: (Could be parties or lessons) Quilting, stargazing, hiking, camping, gardening, knitting, beading, fishing, museum tours, scrapbooking
We also love food: Deliver a meal, host a meal, deliver desserts, plan a picnic, teach someone else how to cook, donate a restaurant gift certificate, host a high tea, Dessert of the Month, Meal of the Quarter
Themed Packages: Go together with other people to put together a “package”: Date Night (babysitting, restaurant certificate, movie passes), Family Outings (zoo passes, picnic basket with a picnic lunch, etc.)