Safety at Northwoods

Have fun and be safe!

Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Church is a safe and caring place for both children and adults. We believe that it really does take a village (or a congregation!) to raise a child, and as such we all look out for each other, including each other’s children. However, there are a few guidelines that we ask all parents to follow on Sunday mornings:

  • After service, children must be picked up from their classes by a parent, guardian or responsible older child. Please pick up your children from their classroom within 10 minutes of service’s end.
  • During regular worship services, children can either remain in service with their parents or attend the RE class for their age group. Unsupervised children will be directed to religious education classes or returned to their parents in the worship service.
  • During the coffee hour between services, nursery care is available for the younger children; children not in the nursery should be supervised by a parent, guardian, or designated responsible adult.
  • All are invited to enjoy the play area outside the sanctuary, but we also need to be respectful of the plants with which we share our space; please don’t climb the trees or walk in the garden areas. For safety, children are not allowed to climb the rails in the arboretum.