Showing Up for Racial Justice

SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice)

At our last SURJ meeting, we discussed:

  • Ways to educate our congregation on racial justice and our own relationships with people of color
  • Achievements of Black Americans, and how these are overlooked by traditional media sources or appropriated by Whites

Our educational efforts begin with what you’re reading now. There’s much more to come—look for our bulletin board on Black achievement in the hallway (some of you may have seen it already). We’re learning a lot and are eager to share it with you.

Thanks to organized efforts such as Black History Month, we can now find much more quality material on Black contributions to society in mainstream sources (see for instance these stories on Black History on NPR). And not just during February anymore—we encounter stories on achievements of people of color at any time.

These stories are for the most part packaged to appeal to the largely White audience of these sources. They serve a valuable purpose and strive for accuracy, and are often effective at raising consciousness. But stories of Black achievement are not always so comfortable. For a less “whitewashed” version of Black history and achievement, try The material is intended for all, but is addressed to people of color. All of the stories are enlightening—some may make you uncomfortable. Lean into that. What makes the story uncomfortable to you?

SURJ meets every first and third Thursday of the month. Come join us as we learn and work to expand our comfort zone.