What to Donate for the Service Auction!

Northwoods Service Auction –
Deep in The Heart of Northwoods!
Howdy Partner! Our biggest fundraiser of the year is coming up – The Northwoods Service Auction! The Western theme lends itself well to shadowy costumes, fantastic food, and delightful decorations.
Not sure what to donate, or what kind of service to offer?
Check out this list for ideas:
  • Parties: Murder Mysteries, Games (Card games, Scrabble, Mah-Jong, Cranium) Casino Night, Spa Day, Ethnic Dinners (Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Greek), Holiday (Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Events (Oscars, Emmys, Indianapolis 500, Renaissance Festival, Final 4, World Series), Talent shows (Karaoke, Dancing with the Stars, Magic, Variety),  TV based ()
  • Services: Sitting (house, pet, kids, moms & dads), handyperson work, organizing, legal, tax, bookkeeping, tutoring, bar tending, waitperson, palm reading, tarot card reading, landscaping, cleaning, decorating, window washing, airport rides, meal delivery, photography, computer, painting, lessons (foreign language, art, computer, how to use my new device, photography, cake decorating)
  • Special Interests: (Could be parties or lessons) Quilting, stargazing, hiking, camping, gardening, knitting, beading, fishing, museum tours, scrapbooking
  • We also love food: Deliver a meal, host a meal, deliver desserts, plan a picnic, teach someone else how to cook, donate a restaurant gift certificate, host a high tea, Dessert of the Month, Meal of the Quarter
  • Themed Packages: Go together with other people to put together a “package”: Date Night (babysitting, restaurant certificate, movie passes), Family Outings (zoo passes, picnic basket with a picnic lunch, etc.)
We look forward to seeing all of you at this fun-filled, important community-building event! Childcare is provided, so come out on the 2nd of November and have a great time supporting your church.

Date: Saturday, November 2, 2019.

Any questions? Email: [email protected]